5 Best Gifts For 1 Year Old Boy in 2019

Welkom! I hope you all are well. If you are searching for gifts for 1 year old boy, then this is the right place for you. 1st year of every baby is pretty much difficult for parents and so, the first birthday becomes special because you and your child has achieved a difficult milestone.

Now, the most challenging task is to select the memorable and one of the best gift for your champ. At this age, a child grows physically, mentally, emotionally, etc. According to science 95% of our brain develops at the age of 5 years so, it is mandatory to select the best gift or toys for your child that will help him to grow efficiently.

List of Gifts For 1 Year Old Boy

Below is the list of best gifts ideas for 1 year old boy. This list includes a gift that is suitable for 1 year old boy or even girl. Let's have a look.

1. Musical Table

This musical table has lots of songs and music that will entertain your child. It helps your champ extend his leg muscles.

2. Wooden Shape Sorting Clock

This wooden sorting clock helps your child develop their mind by teaching time while playing. Its bright colors and design will attract your child to play with it.

3. Stack 'n Spin Burger Toy

This fun educational toy will develop your child's mental stamina. This toy strengthens creativity in your child's nature.

4. Nesting and Stacking Blocks

These nesting and stacking blocks have different shapes, designs like ABC, 123, Days and weeks, etc. This gift introduces your child with basic educational stuff.

5. Plastic Duck Baby Pool

This funny and cute pool is an excellent pick for the 1-year-old baby boy. 

Final Words

We hope this list helps you to select the best gift for your one year old boy. We will regularly update this list to be in touch with us and remember safety comes first so try to select the best gift that suits you. Please share this on your social media handles and comment down below your suggestions we will try to improve.
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