100+ Lovely Happy 1st Birthday Wishes For Boy/Girl

Welkom! And a very Happy Birthday to your Baby from our team. Birthday's are the most beautiful time each year that we celebrate, but if it is the first time we celebrate our kids birthday, then it is more special than ever. We know a one-year-old baby may not understand anything, but we can save those memories for the future so that when the baby gets older, we can show it to them.

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The world's most beautiful gift from GOD is a newborn baby that the Parent gets. That moment is one of the most beautiful moments for both of them as well as for the whole family. Everyone wants to celebrate their birthday to the fullest. Here we are sharing one of the best Happy 1st Birthday Wishes for Boy or Girl.

Happy 1st Birthday

Happy Birthday! As you learn new things, do not forget to have fun always, have a happy birthday.
happy 1st birthday

Happy 1st Birthday to our lovely baby girl. Now in about 25 decades or so maybe Daddy will allow you to start dating!

Now you cannot enjoy the authentic feast, but if you're old and you'll be able to see photographs, you will know how cool that your celebration was!

Baby woman, we can never offer you a present that's as good as what you've given to us. We're lucky to have such a gorgeous daughter.
happy birthday big boy

I hope your life is filled with fun and enjoy from today on. Happy Birthday.

You have just one year. That usually means you have a lot more years of being spoiled by your grandparents!
Now you won't attempt a birthday cake, but I will guarantee you that it had been ready with maternal attention and paternal warmth!
happy birthday sweet girl

You have just 1 year. That usually means you have a lot more years of being spoiled by your grandparents!

I want you're constantly protected by the angels over each and every moment. Happy birthday.

You've blessed the hearts of numerous during your brief time, we know you will touch a lot of more to come.

Happy Birthday Wishes For Kids

May peace always be about you and can pleasure response to all of your birthday wishes.
happy birthday little boy

A Small little cute kid deserves a lot more. Your birthday celebration ought to be equivalent to awesomeness. So, I hope that your Birthday is filled with sweetness and fun -- just like YOU!

There's something you will not ever quit performing in your entire lifetime; growing upward and wishing you an adorable and exciting birthday!

There is nothing cute than you in the world. Not in regards to you!
happy 1st birthday

When you get older, you'll still enjoy as you are doing right now. Happy Birthday, Cutie.

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Happy Birthday to a future celebrity! I wish that the candles of your cake may glow as the sun and moon and stars do.

Now it is your day, so you're able to put your homework away and revel in your gifts, tunes, candy, balloons, party games and much more!
happy birthday big boy

Happy Birthday into a smart, powerful, courageous, and fantastic superhero--you!

Birthdays would be the ideal time for individuals to gather together and tell just how much they adore you -- among these individuals are ME!

Now is the only day of the year if you won't be scolded for eating a lot of sweets, having a lot of ice cream, playing too many matches, spilling food around, sleeping late and getting the best time of your life.

You are sweet. You are adorable. You wish you the happiest Birthday ever to (kid/boy/girl).

First Birthday Wishes

 Wish you a Happy Birthday filled with candy and sugar and everything sweet.

First Birthday Wishes

An excellent man has a beautiful life. So will you, dear. Happy birthday, have a great one!

You're going to be an fantastic teenager...following couple of decades! Now you're my little boy that I really like the most. Savor your birthday and youth. Happy birthday!

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You've brought a lot of joy in our lives, small one. Happy Birthday and enjoy your day and life.

First Birthday Wishes

I wish one to confront all of the new challenges and changes in life with faith and courage.

Would you understand who my eldest boy is in this world? YOU! On this particular day, I want you to receive your preferred car because I visit an ideal driver for you personally. Obviously, toy automobile for this instant! 

I have been eagerly waiting for this day, happy first birthday, my precious little angel. I adore you so much.

First Birthday Wishes

You are the twinkle of our own eyes, the expectation of our hearts, the fantasy of our souls as well as the most wonderful son (daughter) we might ever have!

There is nothing more specific than the day that you were born--since that is the day the entire world became smarter!

Dear, you're the most enchanting and gorgeous child-woman I've ever seen. And it is not only words. Trust me today and forever. Thus, dress up your trendiest clothing and have fun. It is your daily life.

First Birthday Wishes

You're so adorable, sweet, and smart. I enjoy seeing you develop, but I am afraid you're growing too quickly.

On your special day, sweetie, I wish you a joyous life, filled with lovely moments! 

I want to see your lovely smile and little cheeks. Wishing you a year of amazing discoveries, dear!

First Birthday Wishes

As you learn new things, do not forget to have fun always, have a happy birthday!

Although you won't recall this afternoon, for us this is the most memorable one.

Birthday Wishes For Baby Girl

Happy Birthday to the world’s most amazing son, daughter, niece, etc. I wish one to confront all of the new challenges and changes in life with faith and courage.

Birthday Wishes For Baby Girl

I wish you and celebrating your first birthday with kisses, hugs, happiness, and love.

Happy birthday to the very handsome little guy! I already find those little devils on your eyes, and I am slightly frightening. Hope you will be a fantastic boy; however, much care of women you'll receive.

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Now is our favorite day of this year, since it's the day once you arrived on the planet. We pray for all of the best that you get on this day and during the whole life.

Birthday Wishes For Baby Girl

I am so happy. I will see your smile daily. I am so blessed I will hug you each morning. I am so thankful you're my best small boy, my love and enjoyment. I wish you a very Happy birthday!

In the day that you were born, we knew that you would be the most perfect son (daughter, etc.) ever. You're always unique, and you will be.

Many kisses to my incredible birthday woman! You're so large now but just 1 year has passed. It would be ideal to halt the time and appreciate you so tiny. Love you!

Birthday Wishes For Baby Girl

May your day be full of loads of pleasure and nothing but great times.

May all of your childhood days be full of pleasure and laugh. May all your infant tears come from comfort, not from despair. You will always be my little woman and love. 

You can not know what other individuals are telling you, but for sure that you can feel good and kind vibrations. 

Birthday Wishes For Baby Girl

I am pretty sure you're the most lovely and cute B-day girl, love! Hope this day is going to be the happiest on your small childhood and all of the time you will spend with your buddies will the enjoyable and filled with pleasure. Take the fun, darling. Happy birthday!

Look outdoors; the butterflies are dancing on the blossoms to celebrate your Birthday.

May your first year become the first of several more filled with as much love and loved ones.

Birthday Wishes For Baby Girl

The warmest wishes for your most cordial and the most adorable woman! Your sweet smile is like a sun after dark clouds. Wish you always to be this adorable and beautiful. Happy birthday, my woman!

Only 1 year past God reached down and blessed us with a gorgeous daughter. We thank Him daily for our unique present.

You won't ever be so humble and defenseless as you're now, I will spare this instant in my memory.

Final Words

Thanks! We hope you've like our list of best Happy 1st Birthday Wishes For Boy/Girl. You can choose the one quote or wish that suits you, and celebrate your baby's birthday party. If you like the way we share our work, then don't forget to share it with your friends on social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
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