150+ Amazing Happy Birthday Cousin Quotes {With Images}

Welkom! And a very Happy Birthday to your cousin from our Team. A cousin is more than a relative. He/She can be our best friend, our mentor, our well-wisher. We grew up playing with each other, fighting with each other and many more memorable moments that we have done with our cousins.

Now, the time came when you can share your feeling towards them that how much do you love them. As they are one of the individual persons in your life as you can share anything with them so, it's your responsibility to send some good birthday wishes. 

If you not a good writer or find it challenging to write a right birthday message, wishes or quotes then you can select the most suitable preference for your cousin from this massive list of 150+ Best Happy Birthday Cousin Quotes and send them directly. They will definitely like it.

Happy Birthday Cousin

In terms of the latter, we have got a couple of thoughts of these birthday wishes. No doubt that you are my small variant and whenever I visit you, I'm really glad that I also was like that. God bless you and all of the very best on your lifetime! Happy Birthday Cousin!

Happy Birthday Cousin

You need to inform all types of compliments for a cousin on her birthday. Tell her how funny and smart she is, tell her heavenly beautiful she is.

Even through our many struggles you've been kind and patient. This birthday I hope you get all of the joy that your heart can hold. Now is certainly the ideal time to rejoice and observe for one more year is inserted into your daily life.

Now is yours, therefore without worrying about anything, just enjoy your daily life and make it a memorable one. May you benefit all of the success and prosperity in your life!

Happy Birthday Cuz

Your birthday is a exceptional present, which provides you a chance to initiate a brand new 365-day journey. So make it cheerful, humorous and joyful. Happy Birthday Cousin!

To my beloved cousin, keep in mind that every birthday will indicate an end of one year also represents a start of another year. So observe the gift of life in addition to the chance to be together with the people that you love.

Happy birthday dear cousin! Though I do not say it often enough that I expect my activities convey my feelings clear and loud: I have only respect and love for you cousin.

Happy Birthday Cousin Images

You turned into a year older, however this isn't a cause of sadness! After all, you've come to be a year wiser and more courageous. Happy Birthday Cousin!!

You're definitely an wonderful cousin and I am perpetually grateful to have you in my own entire life. Much obliged to you to be an unbelievable companion to me too and can you've got a fabulous birthday party.

The bond of family is far more powerful than any argument or struggle we have been through. I am hoping to continue to be part of each trip you go through in life. Happy birthday!

You are great in every way. Wherever you move, you always bring joy into the lives of those people. Continue like this loving individual. May no more sorrows ever disturb you while you deserve all of the happiness and enjoy! 

Happy Birthday Cuz

With a true buddy, who will share with me the joys and sorrows, is a real blessing in my entire life. I'm proud to be part of your loved ones and lifestyle. happy birthday cuz!

Cousin Quotes

Now is unquestionably the ideal time to cheer and observe for yet another year is included to your life. Happy Bday.

I trust you continue to achieve higher and greater in life. You have already touched the skies, but I understand it is possible to also get to the stars. Happy birthday Woman!

Today is a glorious day since it is your birthday. Happy birthday, my dear cousin! For me personally, you are definitely the most beautiful and enchanting girl. I respect you and genuinely follow your measure in my entire life. Love you!

Cousin Birthday

Dear cousin, blessed the afternoon when you have come to this Planet. Possessing a gorgeous birthday, love you!

You're a gift to us! Happy Bday remember that we treasure you for eternity.

You might not state it frequently cousin, but I know that deep down you completely care for me personally. Deep, deep, deep down in which you can hardly see it. I think exactly the same about you, and that I hope your birthday is really spectacular.

Cousins Quotes

For me personally, you are not my cousin, but you are my true brother. Thanks for always encouraging me and for being by my side at each circumstance. May you receive a great deal of warm wishes, enjoy, and surprises. Enjoy the afternoon, brother. Love you. happy birthday cuz!

My dear cousin, we're together since our youth and I do not understand a more lovely, kind, and compassionate individual. You're a miracle, I am pleased to share this gorgeous afternoon with you.

My beloved cousin, now that your birthday, I always want you will keep growing wiser and I'd love to allow you to know that I'm thankful for all of the success you've achieved in life. happy birthday cuz!

Happy Cousin Birthday

From one incredible cousin to the next I wish you a happy birthday!
Happy Cousin Birthday
Now is the birthday of one of the main men in our own life. Happy birthday Greetings, my cousin! I understand that God has an excellent plan for the life span of a superb man just like you. I want you to have a more healthy and rewarding life. 

My entire life is fantastic because I have this awesome cousin within it. Happy Birthday Cousin male!!

Cousin, we're undoubtedly loved ones tried and true. Finest Birthday Cousin. I am quite happy I have connected to YOU.
Happy Cousin Birthday
Thanks for being the sort of person who understands all of my defects, but accepts and loves me anyway. You're more than my own cousin. You're my bestie.

You continuously keep irritating us with your pointless jokes; however, badly, any family gathering gets dull with no presence. Be a bit older, my own cousin. Take a blast!

If You Are Like Brothers: Send Best Happy Birthday Wishes For Brother

You're the closest friend I have ever had in my whole life. I wish you joy and that I trust you will be always surrounded by friends. 
Happy Cousin Birthday
You're really a blessing to us! Happy birthday and always keep in mind we love you eternally.

Cousins are a tiny piece of youth. I am glad I had you in my life to appreciate, treasure, and frightening. Happy Birthday Cousin!!

You are among the most crucial components of life. Always keep smiling and have all of the joy and love in your life.
Happy Cousin Birthday
Just a small bird has whispered in my ear, which now is the birthday of a little baby girl. Be healthy and happy. Happy Birthday Cousin!! 

Here is wishing a superb birthday party for a beloved cousin! Please enjoy your special day as you really deserve it. Happy Bday!

Congrats on having a fantastic human being. Even Daria would believe you're cool.
Happy Cousin Birthday
Now, I would like you to understand that, though today you are far away from me, your significance in my life stays the same. Together with you, I invested a gorgeous and unforgettable youth. I wish you had been my sister so we could always live together.

Happy Birthday Cousin Quotes

 My beloved cousin, I respect you for all. Thank you for being an inspiration for me and everybody in the household. You're definitely a significant part of our life, and we love you tons. Happy Bday!

Happy Birthday Cousin Quotes

I've loved to disturb you, worry you, and also much more significantly annoy you. But my favorite thing is to just like you. Happy birthday to the planet's most significant cousin.

I expect every moment of the special day is recalled for the very best reason. Be very delighted now and consistently, and attain your desired achievement! You will always find all of your demand. Happy Birthday Cousin!

Enjoy a superb birthday, full of beautiful moments and happy memories. Let all your fantasies come true. 

Happy Birthday Cousin Quotes

It's your birthday now, my dear cousin. Love the day and can you receive nothing but just the very best. Happy Bday!

Happy birthday! May God provide you all of the pleasure you really deserve! I am aware you'll develop into a great and handsome guy. Just know that you are my family by blood but my buddy by choice.

We want you all the best on this particular day. Smiles and laughter you provide us daily are quite a blessing.

Happy Birthday Cousin Quotes

My beloved cousin, I do not care how much of this time has passed. I feel like we're growing up together. I would like you to know. I have always enjoyed being your cousin. Happy Birthday Cousin!!

On this afternoon, I'd love to inform you, I am quite pleased to have a cousin like you. You are a great person who has plenty of great qualities. Always stay precisely like you are. May the joy and prosperity become your routine companion!

With every passing season, I adore you more. The whole fantastic planet is awaiting you, and I'm always there for each down and in between. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Cousin Quotes

However much you've grown up, because of me personally, you're still that carefree youthful cousin which I understood. Happy Bday to my loved ones and cleverest cousin, and I hope that all your fantasies will come true.

You're such a kind and considerate soul. I am quite blessed that I get to observe with a second year to bask on your fantastic presence. May your birthday be full of all of the smiles a day may bring. Happy birthday, Woman!

Happy Birthday To My Cousin

It is your birthday today. Hoping your day is full of joy, kisses, and joy. Happy Birthday!!
Happy Birthday To My Cousin
Although each day brings fresh challenges, tremendous or little. Bear in mind you have an inner warrior prepared to conquer every conflict. I hope that your birthday heralds annually full of greatness. 

I have to say that, you're definitely the most unique individual in our household who is always optimistic. Be like this indefinitely.

Cousins and best buddies are the best gifts we get in life. I am doubly blessed to have you as my cousin and my very best buddy. Happy birthday! 
Happy Birthday To My Cousin
This card has been delivered to a cousin dear, full of love, warm wishes, and times filled with cheer. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday for a person who had been stuck being the Robin to my Batman. You'll always be my favorite sidekick in your life.

You're not just my cousin, but you are my very best friend and also my sister. I am blessed to have a buddy just like you who always encourage me in every up and down. I wish I had been there with you on this particular moment. Wishing you a big hug and a lot of love. Great luck, sis!
Happy Birthday To My Cousin
You're the best cousin anyone could ever desire. You inspire me to become better and attain improved outcomes. Happy birthday! 

To get a unique cousin to your birthday. Hope that your day is full of surprises. Happy birthday!

I am so thankful I have had a cousin like you to help direct and encourage me. I am even more grateful that today, I am finally taller than you!
Happy Birthday To My Cousin
For me personally, you're my sister that I always desired to have. Thank you for coming to my life and also for being with me in most of the scenarios. Love you a great deal!

Understanding that a genuinely have a cousin, who's always with me through my ups and downs, makes me a happy individual. Happy birthday. 

Your birthday marks the beginning of a fresh and year. Do not live too much about where you're, and just concentrate on where you're going. May now and all your tomorrows be higher than those of the own past.

Birthday Wishes For Cousin

You've been the fun one from the household. You inspire us to take some opportunity to do new things and have a blast! Hoping you maintain the great occasions and also have a super fun day together with your buddies.
Birthday Wishes For Cousin
Even though we're just cousins, I would like you to know I consider you as one of my very best buddies. You're only one of the coolest cousins, and I wish you a fantastic birthday cuz! 

Only know that in my moments of weakness, it is your love and adoration that help carry me. Thank you for being my power in times of demand. You're my rock.

To My Dramatic Cousin Hope you've got the best birthday ever and your day is exploding with a great deal of joy and excitement!

Too frequently, as time goes by, individuals, alter. They're not precisely the exact same faithful and loving folks that we knew. Nonetheless, it is with jubilation, I can say that you haven't altered, cousin! You're exactly the exact same fabulous person which you've been! 
Birthday Wishes For Cousin
This birthday recalls allowing the number of years you have lived not be a reminder of just how old you're, but rather a reminder of everything you have overcome. I am impressed.

Cousin, if there was only one phrase to describe you, it might need to be remarkable! You're an outstanding woman of the unlimited gift. Enjoy a lovely birthday and a wonderful year!

You can't select figurines, but I am so glad that I got you. It is like I found my soul mate in you, and that I could not be luckier. On your birthday, I would like you to understand just how much I look up for you and just how much you really make me feel adored. Happy, happy birthday, my lovely cousin! 

My childhood memories, along with you're priceless. I do not only have a cousin, but I have a lifelong buddy. Happy birthday!
Birthday Wishes For Cousin
My cousin, my buddy! Life is not always easy, but it is enjoyable using a cousin like you by my side! Have a great birthday.

May each birthday you observe be an opportunity to initiate a new chapter in life. And may you have lots of birthdays and lots of opportunities to begin living a brand new in the years ahead. 

I want you to pleasure as vast as the sea now. Thank you for being not just a candy cousin but a wonderful friend too. I hope you get a gorgeous birthday. 

Happiness is having one cousin as my loved ones. Have a gorgeous day. Happy Birthday!!
Birthday Wishes For Cousin
A cousin just like you're among the greatest gifts I've received in my whole life. May you have a fantastic birthday party and will you continue to inspire more folks. 

I'm quite grateful for how our relationship has grown through recent years. I'd not have understood that we'd find yourself the top of buddies.

I adore the number of crazy memories we produce together along with that you become older should not stop us from making them in another thirty decades. Happy Bday.

A big birthday is coming this way, to get a cousin who's unique in every way! Happy birthday!
Birthday Wishes For Cousin
Thank you for continually setting the bar so high that my accomplishments have paled in comparison. I love you. I just also despise you a bit too. Happy birthday, Woman!

When we are together, we're more relaxed than anything else and anyone in this world. Happy Birthday!!

This card is full of kisses and love, and quite unique birthday wishes. Happy birthday, cousin! 
Birthday Wishes For Cousin
There are tons of elements of my youth I want to overlook. However, none of them include one. Thank you for being a fond memory that I will always look back with joy.

Happy Birthday Quotes About Cousins

You're my favorite person on the planet since you're a fantastic source of pleasure and bliss. Have a gorgeous birthday! 
Happy Birthday Quotes About Cousins
Our beloved cousin, I would like you to understand that most of us love you. We desire that you see more birthday parties in your own life since you continue to grow older and wiser. Happy birthday!

Recall that in the close of the day age is only a number. What actually matters is what you have done with the years you have been given. Keep on being a fantastic cousin, and you have got nothing to be worried about. Happy birthday!

Now it is among the most special times for me. Thanks to you, I felt that I've no siblings. May God always shield you and show you the ideal route to success!
Happy Birthday Quotes About Cousins
With no love, friendship, and support that the entire life would be boring for me.

My entire life has been complete due to the existence of individuals like you who's always there for me, in sorrows and in delight. You're so special to me personally, my beloved cousin, and that I wish you a beautiful birthday!

I expect you to put the world ablaze with your own dreams and dreams. If that's the case, you may use the fires to light each of those birthday candles on your cake cousin. Happy Birthday Cousin!!
Happy Birthday Quotes About Cousins
May this new period of life brings all of the joyful moments for you! Enjoy your life. Always be happy but now a bit more. Have burst!

Now is the birthday, darling. You're shining like a diamond along with your beauty is spectacular. You're among the few girls I know, that are beautiful inside and outside. 

In my loved ones, remember that each and every birthday signifies another part of your life. I want you to continue doing good things and fulfill this brand new segment with more shrewdness and wondrous deeds.
Happy Birthday Quotes About Cousins
I expect that for the birthday you're showered in blessings, such as mine. I know you'll return me ten-fold. Thanks for always being my power and service.

Final Words

Thanks! We hope you liked our work and this list of 150+ Happy Birthday Cousin Quotes. Select the most suitable wishes from it that suit your Cousin's nature and send him. I'm sure he/she'll like it. If you want it, then don't forget to share it on your social media handles like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.
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