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We are so happy we can count you among the alive for one more year."

I guarantee when you get older and forgetful, I will not allow you to forget to clean your hands after you pet or feed the kitty food for your cat rather than yourself.

Happy birthday, dude, hope your mustache develops at least this season.

You do not know just how much longer you will have teeth!

A real friend always remembers your arrival date, not should you're getting. But believe me, I will remember both of these. I'm so unusual for it.

Joyful birthday expects you get dope and enjoyment. Sorry, happiness and hope.

After several decades, people with fantastic fire and genius are born to this world which targets the more essential things in life. And now one of these would love to wish you a pleased birthday.

If things get better with age, then you are coming magnificent!

There are useful in addition to poor people on earth. Only great men and women are blessed to locate fantasies in their well-wishers. Happy birthday.

That is why I think you're among the wisest individuals.

How can NASA perform a birthday celebration? They planet.

Brother, I figured now would be as good a day as any to inform you that you're embraced!! Just kidding. Happy Birthday--or can it be?

 If you happen to are feeling lonely, neglected, unloved or just forgotten, they say that you need to just have a loan and miss out a few payments. Or just alter your birthday tomorrow, Facebook!

 You're the individual who surprises me. I really don't understand how you passed one and a half a year without speaking one word. Great luck!

At least you are not as old as you will be this time next year.

 Happy Birthday to you! I wish you receive everything in life as simple as you have fat.

Your small cake does not have sufficient room to fit all those candles and our desire.

 "It is the responsibility of a real friend to make you recall, "Old is gold, my buddy! ''''

 Birthdays are similar to spotting Bigfoot. You really do need to see these, but you are a bit afraid of what they'll look like.....

 Respect for all the belongings you've ruined bro. But you have to forgotten to destroy the cake. Due to that, I wish to say, happy birthday brother, we love you anyhow

 Do not allow your age gets down you, it will not be long till you're allowed to begin learning how to drive. However, until then, in your own bicycle!

Happy Birthday! It is said that growing older is really an art. My friend needs to be a Picasso or a Rembrandt.

Do not think of these. Consider these as creases that simply require some starch plus a little bit of ironing. Cheers to another year & a different wrinkle.

" Happy 18th! Here is to all of the lawful actions you'll indulge in today and be judged!

"It is your birthday! You should not prevent yourself from becoming ridiculously drunk because it is a Monday."

 I really don't wish to mature, I am a Toys"R" Us child. If you're presently singing the conclusion of the magical verse, you're probably an 80s child. Happy Birthday to my NKOTB adoring, neon scrunchy sporting, slap bracelet amassing buddy.

 It's beautiful the way you look younger with each year departure. Happy birthday, love. May you remain young in your heart.

Just FYI, my present to you would function as hell bunch of candles that I needed to purchase to match your age. Aside from that, I wish you a pleased and prosperous birthday, dad.

"You need answers?! You can not handle the truth!" ...however, I will let you know anyways. It is a godamn birthday!

You were created at the cost of all 3899999 sperms. But Hey! It is your birthday!

Babe, I have never met anyone more dedicated and focused on biting munching and TV watching than you. Congrats on all of your main achievements. Obviously, your best is me. 

Joyful'two moments of extreme awkwardness when folks sing about, and you've got a grip on to this grin all that while!

' Studies have revealed that individuals who have a lot of these have lived more.

 I might not recall where I put the car keys in our era, but I certainly remember your birthday! Have a fantastic birthday.

 Have you ever heard of the term"Wiser with age"? Since I really doubt that you've got (just kidding, do not smack me). Happy birthday, dear dad. May you continue to be this fantastic eternally.

You suck ageing! Would you at least attempt to look old? 

 Roses are reddish; Violets are Blue. May the Lord have Mercy on precisely what the years have done to you.

To my incredible girlfriend: do not be worried about age, yet another year older is another year you seem hotter to me personally. I love you tons, infant. 

Joyful'sitting on your own Facebook and typing a million thanks to individuals you do not understand' day!

Wishing a happy birthday to the safest, sexiest, loveliest bitch, I understand. I am beyond thankful to have you in my own entire life. 

 If a person does not admit your era, then that individual isn't really considering you!

 Hey, girlfriend, I am so excited that you decided to spend the day with me instead of your 

It is making me feel so unique. I am so thankful I discovered you and that we're the exact same sort of weird. The world won't ever split us apart. I attempted to make a listing of those words of wisdom you've educated me overtime to try to make this birthday special. Regrettably, my listing is sterile! Happy birthday yet!

When I reach your age I will even younger than you, you dinosaur! Happy bday! 

 I get this warm feeling in my birthday - folks won't cease teasing me. 

This is only one of those few days when you're able to come from the jungle and behave like people. To observe that, I wish you a pleased birthday.

 Now is the first moment. I don't wish to destroy it by telling you your food is overcooked and lacks flavour, or that you make a more enormous mess than I did when I was 5 years old. So, I'd just like to inform you that you're an awesome wife.

 I would not say you are older... you have just been youthful for more than many people. 73. Throughout our marriage, you assured me that we'll discuss everything with me. I bought you a costly makeup kit, which you can later share.

You just lost an additional year of your lifetime.

Hey, brother, you are very welcome. You've got such a fantastic sister within me, no wonder you were so amazing! We deserve it. 

Happy Birthday to the 18-year-old with 32 decades of working experience. 

You might be merely a one-year-old infant! That means you can not read this article yet! But because we've got Twitter, Facebook and the Cloud, doing this type of thing today makes sense! 

Finally, you are 21 and legally able to do whatever you have been doing since you're 14 years old

 Every single time you snapped a sandal/slipper at me personally, it just helped to keep me in line and make me a better human being. For this alone, I'll be forever thankful to you. Happy birthday, ma. May you live a long, long life.

Yet another year to pretend you are old enough to take care of people around you.

Now is the first moment. I don't wish to destroy it by telling you your food is overcooked and lacks flavour, or that you make a more enormous mess than I did when I was 5 years old. So, I'd just like to inform you that you're a wonderful wife. Happy birthday, my love.

 In my loved ones, most preferred and many prized little sisters. Our family was very blessed that the day that you were born. It had been such a joy to develop you and discuss a lot of beautiful moments together. Bear in mind these type words when you are cutting and dishing the cake out parts later!

Who might say that we're related? Just joking, of course, I wish to report happy birthday cousin and all of the best on this particular day.

 You know you are getting old when you can not walk past a toilet without thinking, "I can use as well as urine while I am here."

 I understand your very best birthdays are yet to arrive. Let's wait for all those. Happy birthday.

Were you aware that [insert date] is a date when no famed people have ever been born? ....None, just infants!

 Today is the birthday, the sole way you are allowed to say things which you would repent on some other day

Think about the advantages. You've got yet another birthday, and you still have all of your own teeth.

 Shopping anything to your special evening is always challenging, so let's do it together now.

"You're born! Fantastic job! :-RRB-"

Wishing a pleased birthday to the girls who instructed me to say"sorry" with no apparent reason. Stay the way you are (or perhaps, be a little less as a Ninja Turtle, if possible).

 I feel that man grows older like wine and girls become older like cheese. You understand old wines really are priceless.

 "You are such a special sister. I really don't understand who I'd tease with no. Happy Birthday!"

"You're such a pleasant and gorgeous sister. No, really, I am not joking. And I am not attempting to make you feel much better about your age. Alright, maybe just a tiny bit. Happy Birthday!"

 The very best secret that's yet to be shown is the age.

 "Happy birthday Woman! Seeing as I am older than you, it is not a surprise which I can not recall your age. Frankly, I am surprised I remembered your birthday."

 "Happy birthday Woman! At your age," getting lucky" means having the ability to locate your car in a parking lot."
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