What Are Some Home Health Care Topics for Medicare Dispensary

Home care topics are determined by the topics that are being decided by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Home Care Agencies. It is important that when considering topics that you understand what is covered in each publication. The topics in the next GBA Issue will focus on the areas that will help to improve the home care system. Some of the topics that will be discussed in the next GBA Topic will include the creation of a Medicare Advantage program. An advantage is a benefit that can be applied to an individual or a group of people.

An advantage is available to anyone who chooses to apply for coverage through the private or public supplemental benefits program. In order to qualify for the program a person must meet certain medical requirements and have disabilities that are severe or chronic. A person who receives care at home can not be eligible for the program under the current laws.

According to the Home Aging Report, the GBA Topic on Home Care and Retirement discusses the creation of the Medicare Advantage Program. This plan is a voluntary one that allows patients who qualify for traditional Medicare coverage to enroll in the program. In order to receive the advantage, patients must complete a ten-hour web-based online assessment and submit a completed application for enrollment. If the patient completes the application on time and with a valid email address, they will automatically be added to the Medicare Advantage program.

The next four Home Care Topics will discuss three of the most controversial issues regarding senior citizen care. One of these topics is MABot and its cousin the RBM. The House bill that is going through the committee right now would ban the use of home health aides or MABots for quality reporting. Quality reporting refers to those tasks that require the worker to communicate with the patient in a real-time manner. According to the MABot and its cousin the RBM, this task is often done by people who are not qualified and is often inaccurate. The MABot also suggests that the use of such services should be banned because the workers would be unable to provide accurate or truthful information.

The next Home Care Topics would be Covid-19 home care and its cousin the RBM. Both are designed to increase access to nursing care. According to the Covid-19 Home Care Association, their product will improve access by improving the ability to identify people who may need nursing care and then send them to qualified home health professionals. According to the Covid-19 Home Care Association, this product will reduce training time for nurses as well as cost for Medicaid programs by implementing uniform standards across the board.

The final Home Care Topics would be the new Federal Register Nursing Call Recording Act. Currently, states are allowed to have two different types of recordings in their networks. The first is the traditional residential long distance call recording, while the second is the automated toll free numbers. According to the MABot and the Center for Medicare Services, they would like to see the federal government impose a three-way call from the residential numbers to the toll-free numbers. The MABot would like to see the addition of seven new features to the Federal Register Nursing Call Recording Act which includes: the right to port the voice mail message to an answering machine, the right to play voicemail messages during office hours, requiring the recipient of the call to press a key on a receiver that requests a message and requiring the sender to provide a return phone number.

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